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RAPTIM Travel has been a global leader in humanitarian airfares since 1949. Our mission is to serve those who serve the world. RAPTIM’s team of dedicated individuals offer expert advice to humanitarian travelers by offering a variety of airfares that best suits their needs. We offer more than 50 airfare programs with over 30 global air carriers plus traditional published airfares to guarantee that our clients receive a full array of options to maximize their cost savings for their next humanitarian trip.

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On October 8, 1947, an initial air charter flight carrying fifteen Dutch humanitarian from Amsterdam to Uganda took flight, which eventually would encourage the foundation of RAPTIM International. The charter aircraft concept was much faster than by sea and, as it turned out, much more cost effective. The idea of saving time and money greatly appealed to humanitarians of the day. Other charter flights followed , which paved the way for the creation of an organization who focused on the transportation needs of Humanitarians around the world. As a direct result of the increasing needs of the Dutch humanitarian societies following WWII, RAPTIM was officially founded in 1949 in Tilburg, the Netherlands on behalf of the Roman Catholic and Protestant humanitarians. The demand inevitably led to monthly charters to Africa and Asia throughout the sixties and the expansion to missionaries of all denominations.

The seventies brought challenges that were instrumental in shaping our operating model today. The Arab oil embargo forced RAPTIM to move away from chartered aircrafts and align with the global airline community to take advantage of scheduled air travel. In exchange for the volume of passengers that RAPTIM was able to provide, the airlines offered exclusive discounts and advantages for the humanitarian travelers. The outpouring of support by U.S. individuals embarking on humanitarian efforts prompted RAPTIM to land its U.S. operations in Lewiston, New York in 1983. In 2002, RAPTIM expanded its U.S. wings with the acquisition of Overseas Express.

Today, RAPTIM operates offices in Lewiston, Dallas, Colorado Springs and Abbotsford, BC. Our North American operations are complemented by RAPTIM International’s global presence.