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Humanitarian Volunteers

Raptim Travel works with humanitarians all around the world as they prepare to serve those in need. Our global humanitarian airfare programs touch those serving in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and other continents. Whether you’re affiliated with a non-government organization (NGO), school or any other humanitarian affiliated organization, Raptim can get you where you need to go. Raptim helps individuals or groups, those traveling for a week, a month or multiple years. Our Raptim international travel consultants are well-versed arranging travel itineraries to uncommon international destinations that humanitarians travel to in service of others. We understand the unique needs of the humanitarian traveler and offer the most discounted humanitarian airfare programs that are available. We are the leader in global humanitarian airfare programs and have the support and respect of over 30 global airline partners. Raptim is a full service, accredited travel agency and is at your service.

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